Sunday, November 17, 2013

Addiction Ready To Wear Eye Palette 05 Departure .

Addiction Ready To Wear Eye Palette 05 Departure . 
I have been pretty much avoiding all the new collections these days . While the Armani fall and By Terry Fall collections were nice ; in all honesty nothing really has felt like a necessity . That being said , Addiction Departure quad has completely dazzled me ! I seriously cannot get enough of this palette . Lets have a look at this baby before I start babbling about my love for it .

see how the sparklies come alive when the light hits it ! 

glow in the dark sparklies GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!

LOOK AT IT !! Addcition Departure quad .
Shade 1 : is a molten golden khaki brown with multidimensional shimmer . It is very creamy to the touch . 
Shade 2 : is a silvery lavender glitter top coat . The texture is a little crumbly so be sure to gently pat this in or use light sweeping motions to blend it out . 
Shade 3 : is a burgundy plum with purple and lavender shimmer . Extremely creamy to the touch . 
Shade 4 : is a greyed lavender with tiny lavender sparkles . This is a a satin finish and makes an excellent bending shade . 

Normally , I write down a little paragraph about how I wear a certain palette and the shadow placement but I decided to post an eye look featuring Departure . Mainly because I really want to show you guys how beautiful this looks on the eyes and I wanted to catch the sparklies in action ! 

yup I totally forgot to wear fdtn :(

allergies suck and my eyes refused to cooperate .

Breakdown of the look :
  • I put down a thin layer of Mac Artifact on the lid and then blended out the edges with shade 4 . 
  • I placed the shade 1 on the inner half of the lid . 
  • Then placed shade 3 on the outer half of the lid and gently blended the center of the lid with light seeping motions . 
  • Now take a pencil brush and place shade 2 in the crease from the inner to outer corner of the eye .
Notice how I didn't get any fall out and barely spent any time blending #winning

Overall , I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PALETTE ! If this was LE people ? Trust and believe I would have been on the hunt for a back up lol . 

Check out Belly's review here and Sara's here


Monday, November 4, 2013

Suqqu Bright Up Lipstick in 01 .

Suqqu Bright Up Lipstick in 01 . 

I was quite late to the Suqqu lipstick game but was lucky enough to get the two beautiful reds they made in the Creamy Glow range . The new Bright Ups are supposed to be a more pigmented version of their predecessor .
Suqqu Bright Up Lipstick in 01 . 

01 looks like a mauve pink in the tube but on my lips , it is a beautiful soft baby pink . Now this is how you do baby pinks people ( I am looking at you Mac and Ysl ! ) . I love how creamy and opaque it looks on my lips - LOVE ! Most light pinks have way too much white or blue and end up giving you the cough *pornstar* cough look  :) . 01 makes a brightening and fresh looking lip on its own and beautifully compliments a dark smokey look as well . I have been wearing it with Illmasqua Katie on my cheeks and a heavy cat eye liner and it makes quite an interesting look . 

Wear time was between 3-4 hours and I am happy to report  that I didn't get the dreaded white line *gross* as it faded through out the day . 

So what makes this worth 27 Gdp ? In all honesty , nothing compares to how these feel on the lips . Yes, not even my beloved BT come close  . If a hydrating lip balm and Ysl Rouge voluptes had a baby then these are it ! They are supremely hydrating and insanely pigmented . They have the slip and feel of the Ysl but they last for much longer and feel a 1000 times more luxurious . 

Overall , I cannot wait for new brighter colors ! 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Mauvey Nights with Bobbi Brown .

Bobbi Brown is not exactly a brand I look to for products . I own a few matte shadows from her line and that's about it  . In my opinion the foundations are too yellow , the blushes and lipsticks are nothing special . Also , her  palettes are always too sheer and they all look the same to me :/.

That being said , I was recently at the Guerlain counter getting a facial with the Orchidee Imperial line and I mentioned to the SA that I wasn't a fan of the BB line . The BB counter manger overhead us and asked me to stop by once I was done with my facial lol . Needless to say I was a little  hesitant approaching her but I also wanted to hear what she had to say *the troll in me couldn't resist lol *

I probably spent 2-3 hours at the counter playing with products and I can honestly say the look she created for me was absolutely beautiful ! This was one of the best make overs I have ever had . I walked away from the counter with a new friend , a new look and a bag of products to play with :) 

She insisted on doing a pinky/mauvey /plum look on me which I is completely out of my comfort zone . I like warm browns and reddish tones on myself personally but I was pleasantly surprised by her color choices for me . 

Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum shadow and Velvet Plum longwear Cream Shadow . 

Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum longwear cream shaow swatch , Velvet Plum shadow and both of the products layered . 

She started with applying a layer of Velvet Plum long wear cream shadow on my lids and then topped it off with velvet plum powder shadow . We used a little bit of an eye shadow in Taupe to diffuse the color . I love love love this combination ! The cream version is a little warmer than the powder and both of them are decently pigmented .  They lasted 7 hours on my oily eye lids with no primer .

Bobbi Brown Mauve Shimmer Ink

Then we took the gel liner in Mauve Shimmer Ink and lined my lid and the lower water line . The line was diffused with a smudge brush to give a soft smokey effect . We finished the eyes with two coats of Party Mascara . I like the look of the liner with the look but the formula is nothing special . I prefer the LM gel liner to the BB ones . 

Bobbi Brown Sand Pink Blush 

On my cheek she used a little bit of Blush in Sand Pink and blended it out towards the hair line . I absolutely love this color on me ! Surprisingly , I do not have a mauvey pink blush in my collection and this is just perfection .

Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve Cream lip color  and True Pink creamy matte lip color , BB true pink creamy matte  and BB pale mauve creamy lip color.

Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve Cream lip color  and True Pink creamy matte lip color

Last but not the least , the Lips ! We used a light layer of True Pink Creamy Matte Lipcolor and then topped it off with a a 2 coats of Pale Mauve Creamy Lip color . The Creamy Matte lip colors are very pigmented and creamy so I recommend patting them on the lips and them pressing the colors into the lips with your finger . The Creamy Lip color is very sheer and hydrating and reminded me of the Dior Addicts . This lip combination last 6 hours on me and faded beautifully ; leaving a soft pink color on my lips . 

I couldn't find a match in the line so we skipped on foundation .Thankfully it was good skin day and I was able to get away with it .

Overall , I have worn this look almost 8 times in the past month and that's alot for someone like me who has so much makeup .The eye shadow combination is perfect on my almost black eyes . My coworkers said that it made my eyes glow ! The blush and lip combination are the perfect ccompliment to it .

 Does this mean that I am a BB girl now ? Not by any means but I do like the products I bought and I can definitely wholeheartedly recommend these . I did go back to the counter to have a look but sadly nothing really spoke to me like these products did . I own a 6 pan palette from the line and that's probably going to be it for me :).

Would you like to see swatches of my custom BB palette ?


Monday, October 21, 2013

Giorgio Armani 'Maestro Fusion' Compact Foundation SPF 29 in Shade 2 .

Giorgio Armani 'Maestro Fusion' Compact Foundation SPF 25 in Shade 2 .

Giorgio Armani 'Maestro Fusion' Compact Foundation SPF 25 in Shade 2 .

Giorgio Armani 'Maestro Fusion' Compact Foundation SPF 25 in Shade 2 .

Giorgio Armani recently released the compact version of their Maestro foundation . If you have read my review of the liquid version ( Click ) then you are aware that I was not a fan . The foundation was a nightmare on dry skin and was FULL of silicones .However, I was quite intrigued by the compact version ; mainly because I love the feel and look of cream foundations on dry skin . This looked like exactly what I needed this fall .... umm ... ya ....

According to the , "Giorgio Armani Beauty introduces a new expression of Maestro Haute Couture foundation. Its revolutionary texture is now available in a compact. This multi-purpose product conceals like a foundation, offers precision touch-ups and camouflages blemishes. The compact cream is enriched with Argan oil ."

Giorgio Armani 'Maestro Fusion' Compact Foundation SPF 25 in Shade 2 .
If you cant tell from the horrific swatch above then this is probably one of the worst foundations I have ever tried . I am in my mid twenties and this made me look like I had the skin of a 80 year old ! Now, the foundation claims to be for touch ups but with this type of grainy and dry texture , I cannot imagine using it for that purpose . I tried this on over a thick moisturizer , different sunscreens , with the brush provided , a beauty blender and the Real techniques buffing brush . The result was pretty much the same . 

The icing on the cake was the wear time . This lasted 4 hours on my skin and left my skin feeling very dehydrated . It also transferred like crazy which left me looking a patchy hot mess by the end of the day .

Overall , I think the swatch speaks for itself ..... I just cant with this product  .... 

Price ? $64.00 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

By Terry Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow in 13 Brown Perfection.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow in 13 Brown Perfection.

By Terry fall is probably the only Fall collection that actually releases in the FALL lol . I pretty much skipped out on all the collections this year because nothing really felt like a necessity and also because I knew By Terry was going to shut it down with her new releases !

I have already reviewed the lipsticks here -->CLICK ! and today I bring to you the new Ombre Blackstar in Brown Perfection . She released another one in a matte black color but I opted for the chocolate brown one .

By Terry Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow in 13 Brown Perfection.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow in 13 Brown Perfection.
Brown Prefection is a velvet finish OBS , which means that it is more of  a subdued metallic finish as opposed the glittery finish of Misty Rock or Bronze Moon . Color wise it a true chocolate brown with slight red and bronze undertones that provides the color with a subtle sheen . Blended out the light brown base is more visible .

This makes an incredible smokey eye by itself and  also makes a beautiful base for eye shadows . The wear time is between 8-10 hours on my oily lids ( no primer ) . 

Overall , another beautiful addition to range . I hoping for a little more sparkle but I am quite happy with this offering .

Would you like to swatches of all the Ombre Blackstars I own ? Lmk 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette For Eyes 2013.

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette For Eyes.

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette For Eyes.

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette For Eyes.
 Laura Mercier has been one of favorite brands for a long long time . In fact  my first high end products were from them and Nars . I pretty much wore their Tinted Moisturizer and blush in Rose petal everyday during my Freshman year in college . I think she makes makes high quality base products but the line has definitely lacked in the eye shadow and lipstick department . That being said , with the release of the baked matte powders and the lipstick ranges ; she has definitely stepped it up ! I hope she releases more matte and satin shades because quality wise they are great but the range is very limited .

This year LM released another Artist Palette and instead of it being half shimmer and half matte , this year it is half plum shades and the other half is all neutral .

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette For Eyes.
Lto R
Sparkling Dew : is a satin cream shade . 
Guava : a light pink satin shade . 
African Violet : a metallic plum with gold shimmer . 
Plum Smoke : a matte light lavender shade with blue undertones.
Kir Royal : is a satin aubergine shade .
Violet ink : a matte eggplant . 

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette For Eyes.
Vanilla Nuts : a matte light cream shade . 
Primrose : a light pink shade with a sheen .
Fresco : a matte nude pink . 
Bamboo : a metallic sandy taupe . 
Truffle : a matte chocolate shade .
Espresso Bean : a matte black/brown .

The matte shades are slightly powdery so make sure u press your brush into the pan instead of swirling it . All the shades are pigmented and very buildable . 

Overall , this is a very beautiful palette ! If you work in a very conservative wok environment then you will really enjoy this . For the price and the quality this is an awesome deal :)

Price ? $48.00
Limited Edition? Yes .
* This looks like a Sephora Exclusive so grab one as soon as you can ! 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

By Terry Fall 2013 :Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in No. 11 ,12 , 13 , 14 and 15 .

Hi there strangers .....

Apologizes for disappearing for almost a month but if you ever need to contact me then I am always here ===>TWEEETEERRRRRRR !

So , I am back and I have By Terry fall lipsticks to show you guys :)

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in No. 11 Fatal Shot.

Fatal Shot is a glossy pink red with neutral undertones .

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in No. 12 Be Red.
Be Red is another pink red but this one has definite blue undertones and is slightly lighter than Fatal Shot .

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in No. 13 Sangria Appeal .

Sangria Appeal looks like a vampy cherry in the tube but on the lips it is a sheer plummy red . I was quite disappointed with this one . I wanted a deep , dark and rich vamp but this is mediocre/dated looking ? :(

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in No. 14 Plump Plump Girl.
Plump Plump Girl ... seriously Terry ?
Color wise , it is a purple with a strong pink lean . BEAUTIOUS !

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in No. 15 Grand Cru.

Grand Cru is half pink and half purple . The color reminds me of a Purple Loosestrife flower .. right ? 

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in No. 11 Fatal Shot, 12 Be Red , 13 Sangria Appeal , 14 Plump Plump Girl and 15 Grand Cru.

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in No. 11 Fatal Shot, 12 Be Red , 13 Sangria Appeal , 14 Plump Plump Girl and 15 Grand Cru.
 I hope the pictures show the glossy/ vinyl finish of these lip colors  . I love how most of these
(except Sangria Appeal) are opaque in one swipe but still have a slight jelly feel to them . If you love the look of opaque lip colors but can't stand how heavy and thick they feel on the lips then you will really like these . I was able to wear them for 5 hours and I didn't notice any bleeding or feathering  but you have fine lines near your lip line then its probably a good idea to wear a colored or clear  liner . Also , I found these to be quite hydrating. Which is shocking because I really didn't like how No 1 Nudissimo felt on my lips . Maybe the deeper colors in the range perform better than the lighter ones ?

As far as color is concerned , no .14 .15 are the most unique and I cannot wait to wear these with plummy cheek colors and strong cool toned contouring .

Overall , I am really enjoying these but I am probably going to return 11 , 12 and 13 because I have too many reds . If you are brave enough to wear number 14 then I highly recommend . No. 15 is also is a nice way to wear a purple lip without going all out .

Which one is your favorite ?