Saturday, November 24, 2012

Edward Bess Berry Chic Palette

I don't know why it has taken me an entire year to purchase this palette . Seriously , where have I been ?

The Berry Chic palette was released for Holiday 2011 along with a Natural Palette . I normally wear colors in the neutral family with the addition of bruised plums and coppery reds .So you see, this palette was made for me ( I wish ! ) .

lets start with the cream blush shall we ? It is a muted mauve plum in the pan and on the skin gives a very soft berry flush . The texture is very creamy but not oily to the touch . I found it to be very pigmented and I used my fingers to tap the color on my cheeks and softly blended it out .

Next to the blush is a cream illuminator and in the pan it looks like a icy pink but on the skin it looks more ivory . I wasn't too pleased with this because it left glitter particles on my cheek instead of a luminescent glow .
Now we have the the four eye shadows . On the top we have a creamy matte beige along with a plum with gold iridescence to it ( very reminiscent of Mac Trax or Nars Strada in concept ) . On the bottom we have a medium matte pink with a satiny plum brown . The shadows are incredibly pigmented and blend together with little effort . All together they make a very sophisticated plum eye look .

The two lip colors are absolutely glorious ! On the top we have berry pink lipstick and on the bottom a plum red . They are both very pigmented and wore well throughout the day . My lips did not feel dry or dehydrated .

Ultimately if you are a woman on the go and love berry shades then the Berry Chic palette is for you .  I wore this to work 3 days in a row and everyone complimented on my complexion and makeup . Edward Bess is definitely a line for people who want to enhance their over all look instead having their makeup take center stage .

Price ? $ 75.00
Limited edition ? No.
Where did I purchase it ?

*all items mentioned were purchased by myself for my own use .  


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  2. I ordered this on first release a year ago for myself and a couple for christmas presents but they were OOS. I never did go bak and order again. I still eye this on a regular basis. Maybe it's time to finally reorder! Great review!

    1. I was going to tweet you this review Lol but I figured it would be cruel hehe . I say go for it ! I think it will look so good on your skin tone .
      BUY BUY BUY ! hehe
      Thank you hun :) You are always kind enough to comment and encourage :)