Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mac Pro Long Wear Eyeshadow in Uninterrupted .

Like everyone this Fall/Winter I have been searching for the perfect mustard or camel eye shadow to wear as a wash on my lids . Basically an eye shadow to replace my Bobbi Brown Camel ,which was discontinued and now next to impossible to find . During my search I stumbled upon the New Mac pro longwear eye shadow in Uninterrupted .It is a beautiful dark camel brown in the pan and swatches true to color on the skin .It is completely matte and extremely pigmented .

I have been wearing this packed on my lid with some black winged liner or as a soft transition color with warm copper eye looks . The formula is absolute perfection ! Its soft with out being powdery , excellent color payoff and the shade is very unique .

It is easy to dismiss Mac products because of their collection releases but if your in the market for a camel eye shadow or looking for a new transition color, then Uninterrupted is for you !

Price ? 21.00
Limited Edition ? No.
Where did I purchase ? Mac counter.

*all products mentioned were purchased by me for my own use .

What is your favorite transition color ?


  1. Looks MAC.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
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  2. Hi, how does it compare to Bobbi brown Camel? Thanks.

    1. Hi Marie ,
      It is a little lighter than Camel but has the same tone .
      Thank you :)

    2. Hi,
      Thansk for your reply and info. All the very best.

    3. thank you :)
      lmk if you have any requests

  3. You're right- it's the perfect mustard camel colour. I've been wanting this for ages- thanks for the swatch

  4. I have been wearing BB camel forever and I could spit from my anger after finding out it was discontinued. Thanks for the tip -- I will try this one.