Sunday, November 11, 2012

Maybelline Limited Edition Fall 2012 Fashion Week EyeStudio Wet/ Dry Quads in 100 Cozy Cashmere ,200 Smokey Cinnamon and 400 Olive Martini.

Cozy Cashmere is lovely warm palette with four complimentary shades
Shade 1 is a sandy blonde shadow with silver sparkle and the texture is similar to mac lustres . 
Shade 2 is a warm red brown with silver sparkle . It has a satin finish with sparkle running through it . 
Shade 3 is a rusty orange satin shade.
Shade 4 is matte brown with burgundy undertones .

All the shades are quite pigment and smooth . I didn't experience any fall out with any of the shades and they  blend together seamlessly. The color palette is right on trend for this fall and makes quite a stunning rusty brown eye look . I wore this with Maybelline refined russet Lipstick and it made a  lovely fall look .

200 Smokey Cinnamon
Smokey Cinnamon is a warm green palette with a unexpected cinnamon shade to add to the mix .

Shade 1 is a creamy pale nude with shimmer.
Shade 2 is a light leafy green with gold shimmer.
Shade 3 is a rusty cinnamon matte color.
Shade 4 is a forest green with green shimmer .

Green and rusty browns the the colors of the season it seems . The palette is pigmented , smooth and creates a stunning look on its own without the addition of any other shades .

Olive Martini
Last but not least we have Olive martini and it consists of a strange mix of pastels and red brown shades . 

Shade 1 is a pale nude .
Shade 2 is a icy minty green with shimmer .
Shade 3 is a red brown with green duo chrome (mac club dupe)
Shade 4 is a warm red brown with red brown shimmer ( stunning !!)

The middle two shades have a lovely duo chrome quality and create different effects based on the color of base they are placed on . This was my least favorite not because it lacked quality but because I felt like I had to add other shadows to complete the look . Quality and pigmentation were on par with the other shadow palettes .

Overall it is important to note that these shadows can be used wet and dry and all my swatches were done dry with no base . The concept seems to be similar to the YSL pur chromatics wet/dry palettes but rest assured the formulas are not even close . As far as drugstore shadows are concerned Maybelline eyestudio and the wet and wild palettes are consistent , pigmented and definitely worth checking out if your on the hunt for drugstore gems . 

What is our favorite out of the three ? lmk. 


*all items mentioned were purchased by me.

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