Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in L102 .

Ellis Faas is known for her revolutionary packaging and very simple approach to make up . All of the colors from her line are inspired by the human anatomy and are housed in bullet shaped pens . Her products are incredibly long wearing  and easy to use . The Creamy Lip formula in particular is opaque , long wearing and     has a luxurious texture . The product dispenses from a slanted sponge tip , which makes it easy to apply the product straight from the pen . I usually clean my pen with a alcohol swab after use . Creamy lips are the most opaque of all the Ellis lips and last 5- 7 hours on my lips with minimal fading .

Yup , this is it , this is the vampy lip I have been looking for !  While I adore my Rouge d Armani in 609 (Review here) , like any other lipstick junkie I knew there has to be something better out there . Behold , the Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in L102 !

L102 is a stunning black cherry with burgundy undertones . It looks incredibly rich and sophisticated on the lips ! I found L102 to have a slightly glossy appearance on the lips and it feels like a liquid lipstick on the lips . As far as wear is concerned , it easily lasted 5-6 hours but unlike most dark lip colors I noticed minimal staining  . L102 also did not feather out of my lip line nor did I notice any patchiness in application . The formula is quite hydrating and the lipstick didn't cling to dry skin on my lips .

Overall , the formula is flawless and the color is truly stunning ! In the slew of liquid lipsticks Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in a class of its own . I highly recommend checking her line out .

Price ? $ 35.00.
Where did I purchase ? Beauty.com

*all items mentioned were purchased by me . 



  1. what a gorgeous bold shade! :)

    Check out my blog at: Caught in a Daze.

  2. Oh my good lord that is beautiful! I still think I prefer the look of Rouge d'Armani 609 though. What makes this your fave?

    1. I think its because L102 works better with my skin and hair color . Also , its not a pain in the buttocks to apply evenly hehe .
      I feel like with 609 I had to layer and pat , this baby is like BAM ! in only one layer lol
      oh and 609 is more plum and L102 is more burgundy .

      Thank you for the comment lovely ! XOXO

  3. As a vampy lip fanatic, I really feel I must try this. It looks incredible in your photos (helps to have your flawless lips, I think). Armani 609 is one of my favourites as well... Hard to believe something could be better than that one!

    1. Hi Kate :)
      Thank you so much for commenting !
      I think both are beautiful and unique in their own way but I have black hair and fair skin and I feel L102 's burgundy undertones suit me slightly better . Both are undeniably stunning statement lips !
      I love vampy lips too , what are some of your favorites apart from Armani 609 ?
      p.s. beauty.com has 20% off promotion right now so its the perfect time to grab the Ellis Faas hehe


  4. What a stunning shade that is! It truly is deliciously vampy.

    1. Hi Eliza !
      Its definitely my favorite vampy lip . Havent found anything that matches its complexity and saturation :)
      Thank you for commenting .