Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour In Spiced Cider.

This is officially my first blush purchase from Laura Mercier . Usually, I gravitate towards pink and peach blushes so this rusty brown is completely out of my comfort zone . I blame the Maybelline lipstick in refined russet for this purchase ( Swatch here :)).

Its the perfect match to the lipstick and it makes a gorgeous fall blush ! On my skin it looks like a peachy rust shade and adds just the right amount of warmth to my face . Spiced cider is finely milled and very pigmented . I found it easy to blend and it does not look patchy or powdery on the skin . It is important to mention here that  I do not pair this with a bronzer or a contour . Mainly because when placed correctly on the cheek bones it helps to create a very subtle contoured effect . I think adding a contour to the mix would just be over kill  .

The blush is the exact same size as the eye shadows and can be popped in to her custom palette as well . I think Laura Mercier makes very high quality items at an affordable price point . I definitely recommend checking this blush out if you like soft rust shades of blush. 

What is your favorite LM blush ? I think I need/want nectar next :).

Limited edition ? No.
Price ? $24.00
Where did I purchase it ?

*all items mentioned were purchased by me ,.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mac Pro Long Wear Eyeshadow in Uninterrupted .

Like everyone this Fall/Winter I have been searching for the perfect mustard or camel eye shadow to wear as a wash on my lids . Basically an eye shadow to replace my Bobbi Brown Camel ,which was discontinued and now next to impossible to find . During my search I stumbled upon the New Mac pro longwear eye shadow in Uninterrupted .It is a beautiful dark camel brown in the pan and swatches true to color on the skin .It is completely matte and extremely pigmented .

I have been wearing this packed on my lid with some black winged liner or as a soft transition color with warm copper eye looks . The formula is absolute perfection ! Its soft with out being powdery , excellent color payoff and the shade is very unique .

It is easy to dismiss Mac products because of their collection releases but if your in the market for a camel eye shadow or looking for a new transition color, then Uninterrupted is for you !

Price ? 21.00
Limited Edition ? No.
Where did I purchase ? Mac counter.

*all products mentioned were purchased by me for my own use .

What is your favorite transition color ?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Edward Bess Berry Chic Palette

I don't know why it has taken me an entire year to purchase this palette . Seriously , where have I been ?

The Berry Chic palette was released for Holiday 2011 along with a Natural Palette . I normally wear colors in the neutral family with the addition of bruised plums and coppery reds .So you see, this palette was made for me ( I wish ! ) .

lets start with the cream blush shall we ? It is a muted mauve plum in the pan and on the skin gives a very soft berry flush . The texture is very creamy but not oily to the touch . I found it to be very pigmented and I used my fingers to tap the color on my cheeks and softly blended it out .

Next to the blush is a cream illuminator and in the pan it looks like a icy pink but on the skin it looks more ivory . I wasn't too pleased with this because it left glitter particles on my cheek instead of a luminescent glow .
Now we have the the four eye shadows . On the top we have a creamy matte beige along with a plum with gold iridescence to it ( very reminiscent of Mac Trax or Nars Strada in concept ) . On the bottom we have a medium matte pink with a satiny plum brown . The shadows are incredibly pigmented and blend together with little effort . All together they make a very sophisticated plum eye look .

The two lip colors are absolutely glorious ! On the top we have berry pink lipstick and on the bottom a plum red . They are both very pigmented and wore well throughout the day . My lips did not feel dry or dehydrated .

Ultimately if you are a woman on the go and love berry shades then the Berry Chic palette is for you .  I wore this to work 3 days in a row and everyone complimented on my complexion and makeup . Edward Bess is definitely a line for people who want to enhance their over all look instead having their makeup take center stage .

Price ? $ 75.00
Limited edition ? No.
Where did I purchase it ?

*all items mentioned were purchased by myself for my own use .  

Monday, November 19, 2012

A few changes .

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Everything about the blog and content remains the same .
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How was everyone's Monday ?


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Vision.

Here we have 89 Vision, which  is also a  part of the Les Expressions de Chanel Collection along with Abstraction . I usually steer clear of glittery shadows because I absolutely detest have glitter particles all over my face . Also there is nothing worse than having glittery under eyes -_-

Vision in the pot looks like a  very yellow gold but as you can see from my swatches , it appears to be golden sparkle suspended in a transparent base . Which raises the question : Why pay 36 dollars for glitter in a clear base ? Well, precisely for the reasons I stated above . It makes wearing glitter effortless and the base locks the sparkle in place so you don't have glitter all over face and especially not under your eyes . It serves as a glorious top coat over any eye shadow and also as a sheer wash of sparkle across the lid . Usually when I wear it as a wash I add black winged liner and a red lip to complete my look .

Overall is the color as unique ? Not all .
A must have ? Not really .

That being said if you have problem like me wearing glitter on your eyes and keeping it exactly were you have placed it then you might want to look into Vision .

What are some of your favorite glitter top coats ?

Till next time :)

*  all items mentioned were purchased by me

Limited edition ? Yes.
Price ? $ 36.00
Where did I purchase it ? Chanel counter Macy's.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in 68 Abstraction.

Is one of the two new Illusion D'Ombre released with the Les Expression de Chanel 2012 collection . I picked up both and the Intuition quad . I will reviewing these in the coming weeks so look out for those posts.

Abstraction in the pot looks like orange coral color but as you can see from the swatch above on the skin it translates as a coral with pink duo chrome . It looks absolutely lovely blended out on the lid with black winged liner .Case in point ;Emma stone at the Amazing Spiderman Paris Premiere Click here to be taken to the images:).

It is a lot sheerer than the previous Illusion D'Ombre releases but It can used wet for a more saturated effect . Also the pink in the shadow is sure to emphasis any redness in our eyes so I suggested definitely wearing a black liner near the lash line to provide contrast and dimension . 

I was able to wear this alone as a sheer wash and as a base for an eye look . I have very oily lids and Abstraction last 6-9 hours with no primer and minimal fading . I recommend using the flat synthetic brush that comes with the pot for application . It seems to pick up the right amount of product and lays it down evenly on the lid .

Overall , I am very pleased with the shadow and I hope Chanel releases a true emerald green or coppery red in this formula soon . 

How will you wear Abstraction ? Would you pair it with a dark lip like Emma Stone ?

Till next time :)

* the link is not a affiliate link and all items mentioned were purchased by me

Limited edition ? Yes.
Price ? $ 36.00
Where did I purchase it ? Chanel counter Macy's.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Maybelline Limited Edition Fall 2012 Fashion Week EyeStudio Wet/ Dry Quads in 100 Cozy Cashmere ,200 Smokey Cinnamon and 400 Olive Martini.

Cozy Cashmere is lovely warm palette with four complimentary shades
Shade 1 is a sandy blonde shadow with silver sparkle and the texture is similar to mac lustres . 
Shade 2 is a warm red brown with silver sparkle . It has a satin finish with sparkle running through it . 
Shade 3 is a rusty orange satin shade.
Shade 4 is matte brown with burgundy undertones .

All the shades are quite pigment and smooth . I didn't experience any fall out with any of the shades and they  blend together seamlessly. The color palette is right on trend for this fall and makes quite a stunning rusty brown eye look . I wore this with Maybelline refined russet Lipstick and it made a  lovely fall look .

200 Smokey Cinnamon
Smokey Cinnamon is a warm green palette with a unexpected cinnamon shade to add to the mix .

Shade 1 is a creamy pale nude with shimmer.
Shade 2 is a light leafy green with gold shimmer.
Shade 3 is a rusty cinnamon matte color.
Shade 4 is a forest green with green shimmer .

Green and rusty browns the the colors of the season it seems . The palette is pigmented , smooth and creates a stunning look on its own without the addition of any other shades .

Olive Martini
Last but not least we have Olive martini and it consists of a strange mix of pastels and red brown shades . 

Shade 1 is a pale nude .
Shade 2 is a icy minty green with shimmer .
Shade 3 is a red brown with green duo chrome (mac club dupe)
Shade 4 is a warm red brown with red brown shimmer ( stunning !!)

The middle two shades have a lovely duo chrome quality and create different effects based on the color of base they are placed on . This was my least favorite not because it lacked quality but because I felt like I had to add other shadows to complete the look . Quality and pigmentation were on par with the other shadow palettes .

Overall it is important to note that these shadows can be used wet and dry and all my swatches were done dry with no base . The concept seems to be similar to the YSL pur chromatics wet/dry palettes but rest assured the formulas are not even close . As far as drugstore shadows are concerned Maybelline eyestudio and the wet and wild palettes are consistent , pigmented and definitely worth checking out if your on the hunt for drugstore gems . 

What is our favorite out of the three ? lmk. 


*all items mentioned were purchased by me.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chanel Ombre Contraste Sculpting Veil for Eyes and Cheeks in Notorious .

light swatch and heavy swatch .

blended out swatch .

Chanel Notorious is one of the most unique contour colors released by a brand . The sculpting veil is a lilac grey with taupe undertones and is presented in the Joues Contraste blush compact . When I first saw promo images for the blush I was not too keen on trying it as a contour and  my Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder has been my go to for years . The KA powder is a brown color with grey undertones and it doesn't turn orange on the skin . Notorious on the other hand is a very cool toned grey and beautifully creates the look of shadows on the skin . What makes this different apart from the color is how finely milled the powder is , It quite literally provides a veil of shadow when place under cheek bones . The end result is well .... Benedict Cumberbatch cheekbones . 

swoon !!
Image source :
I think its imperative to use a fluffy brush when using this and to only place it in the hollows of the cheek , sides of the nose and eye sockets . This is not the type of product you want to dust liberally all over the face. It needs to be placed on the skin and then gently buffed out .On my pale skin it creates the look of a soft contour but my face looks noticeably chiseled . I did try Notorious on my friend who has  NC 42 skin but sadly it exaggerated the ashiness in her skin and made her look quite sickly . So , If your skin tends to have a ashy or slightly grey undertone then  this will not work for you . 

Overall, I have to admit this does live up to the hype and definitely a HG contour powder for me . The only down sides I can see is that it probably wont work for darker skins and its LIMITED EDITION !! :(

Would I recommend this ?Yes 
Limited Editions ? YES . 
Price ? $43.00

*all items mentioned were purchases by me for my own personal use .