Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 201 Dark Velvet

Its safe to say that I am loving red lips at the moment . Usually, I am drawn to the boldest and brightest shades in a line but I wanted to try something different so I opted for number 201 . 

The Lip Maestro's are not the usual run of the mill matte liquid lipsticks . They are incredibly saturated and rich in pigmentation but what truly sets them apart is how the feel on the lips . In my experience most matte lip products feel caked on and dry on the lips . The Lip Maestros feel like a whipped mousse on the lips and easily last 6-7 hours . My lips never felt dry or chapped and out of the all the matte lip products I have tried , these are by far the most comfortable to wear . 

201 in particular is a dark and deep red . The name Red Velvet is befitting for this very heavily burgundy based red . It almost looks like dried blood on the lips ( Gross I know , but there is no better way to describe its complexity). Most of the red lipsticks I own have very apparent undertones or are quite bright  .  I found 201 to be quite eye catching without being the usual pin up inspired red .

Overall , I would highly recommend the Lip Maestros and especially 201 if you a fancy a slightly unconventional approach to a red lip .

*all items mentioned were purchased by me .
 price ? $ 32.00
Where did I purchase ? Nordstorm.
Limited Edition ? No.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0 in The Star Treatment .

I have been resisting the urge to buy the bareMinerals pressed shadows but with the generous $20 off  from Sephora , I  decided to take the plunge . I opted for the The Star Treatment palette which is the most neutral of their 8.0 palettes . 

Lets look at the shadows one by one :)

VIP : black with gold sparkle .
Connoisseur : mustard yellow frost finish.
Carte Blanche : light yellow gold .
Ritzy:  chocolate brown with taupe undertones .
Kudos : sandy taupe brown. 
Bragging Rights:  coral frost .
Eltist : mossy green frost .
Extravagance : yellow gold frost .

These shadows are INSANELY pigmented ( yes , I had to capitalize that  lol ) . I literally touched them once in order to get the color payoff you see in the pictures . A little of these babies goes a long way and they spread out evenly with virtually no fall out . VIP is the only semi satin in the palette , while the rest are frost finishes . I feel most of them are dupable color wise except Connoisseur . I don't think I have ever swatched a color like it  ! I was under the impression that I own every variation of gold shadow there is but clearly not . I was unable to find anything remotely close to Connoisseur in my collection . 

Overall , I think this will make a lovely Holiday gift and for $ 40 you cant fault the quality . I will definitely be wearing this with a matte red lip on Christmas day :)

Will you be picking this up ? 

Price ? $40.
Limited Edition ? Yes.
Where did I purchase it ? Sephora.

*all items mentioned were purchased by me . 


Friday, December 21, 2012

By Terry Rouge Terribly Age Defense Lipstick In 201 Terrific Rouge.

I feel I don't need to write an introduction to this beauty . So lets cut to the chase , if you are a red lip connoisseur you need this ! The color sells it self and the formula is quite possibly the best on the market . By Terry is usually marketed to an older and more niche clientele  . However , I feel any woman of any age can wear items from her brand and feel like a million dollars . 

The Rouge Terribly Lipstick line for instance is highly pigmented and extraordinarily long wearing . I was able to wear 201 Terrific Rouge for 7 hours without any  signs of fading ! My lips never felt dry and neither did the lipstick slip into any fine lines around my mouth . Initially 201 has a slight glossy appearance but after an hour it becomes more of a satin . I love matte red lips but usually my lips end up looking wrinkly after a few hours . 201 never dries to a drying matte look , it feels comfortable and looks like a true satin on the lips .

I hope my pictures show how the lipstick pretty much coated my lips with this lush red color . I find 201 Terrific Rouge to be a neutral red leaning slightly pink . There are no obvious warm or cool undertones  which makes it universally flattering . When it comes to red lips most people focus on the color and undertones . In my opinion ,what makes a red lip is actually the formula of the lipstick ! There is nothing worse than wearing a bold color that fades, cracks or peels off during the day . So the key is finding a  saturated color with a long wearing and comfortable formula . 

For me this lipstick is the ultimate pick me up .
I feel so glamorous and pretty ? I know it sounds silly but 201 Terribly Rouge just makes me feel bold with out being over the top , sexy without looking like I am trying too hard and most importantly, classy !

Overall, I say wear this baby to a holiday party and be the centre of attention :) This is my Holy grail red !

Price ? $49.00
Limited Edition ? No. 
Where did I purchase ? 

* all items mentioned were purchased by me . 


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow Quad in 06 Boudior .

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow Quad in 06 Boudoir .
In natural light .
Needless to say I am having a bit of a love affair with Giorgio Armani cosmetics at the moment .So obviously  I was quite excited to go check out the new quads and also because I was not the biggest fan of their predecessors .

In Sunlight.
In natural light.
I ended up purchasing 06 Boudoir the moment I swatched it . Before I go into why I was drawn to Boudoir lets look at the palette itself : 

From top to bottom,
Shade 1 ; is a glistening light ivory with peach undertones. 
Shade 2 : is a champagne with a tiny bit of grey.
Shade 3 : is a lovely warm russet brown with a matte finish . 
Shade 4 : is a dark eggplant purple with a matte finish . 

At first glance the palette looks easily dupable but its the formula that completely won me over . I am also quite lazy so the idea of having a complete look in a palette is quite appealing to me . The top two colors have the most beautiful glisten  ! Its not the typical shimmery or frosty finish , the shadows just glisten . They almost melted into my skin instead of sitting on top .  

I was also quite impressed with the texture and pigmentation of the two matte shades . The rusty warm brown works beautifully with the cool eggplant purple . All four shades together make the perfect fall eye look and  would be the  perfect compliment to a vamp lip . Typically, light eye makeup is preferred with a dark lip but I feel there is nothing sexier than a vampy lip accompanied with a rusty plum eye .


New Vs Old Packaging .
Packaging wise , I feel the new packaging is definitely sleeker and more stylish . My old quads look so worn out :( . I do find the applicator compartment unnecessary but I guess it could be useful in a pinch. 

Overall , I definitely think these are worth a look . P.s. I have my eyes on a few more hehe
What is your fall eyeshadow palette ? 

* all items mentioned were purchased by me . 


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in L102 .

Ellis Faas is known for her revolutionary packaging and very simple approach to make up . All of the colors from her line are inspired by the human anatomy and are housed in bullet shaped pens . Her products are incredibly long wearing  and easy to use . The Creamy Lip formula in particular is opaque , long wearing and     has a luxurious texture . The product dispenses from a slanted sponge tip , which makes it easy to apply the product straight from the pen . I usually clean my pen with a alcohol swab after use . Creamy lips are the most opaque of all the Ellis lips and last 5- 7 hours on my lips with minimal fading .

Yup , this is it , this is the vampy lip I have been looking for !  While I adore my Rouge d Armani in 609 (Review here) , like any other lipstick junkie I knew there has to be something better out there . Behold , the Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in L102 !

L102 is a stunning black cherry with burgundy undertones . It looks incredibly rich and sophisticated on the lips ! I found L102 to have a slightly glossy appearance on the lips and it feels like a liquid lipstick on the lips . As far as wear is concerned , it easily lasted 5-6 hours but unlike most dark lip colors I noticed minimal staining  . L102 also did not feather out of my lip line nor did I notice any patchiness in application . The formula is quite hydrating and the lipstick didn't cling to dry skin on my lips .

Overall , the formula is flawless and the color is truly stunning ! In the slew of liquid lipsticks Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in a class of its own . I highly recommend checking her line out .

Price ? $ 35.00.
Where did I purchase ?

*all items mentioned were purchased by me . 


Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Plum 609.

Isn't she beautiful ? I pretty much gasped when I spotted this beauty on Getting Cheeky's Blog (Check out her review here) and like any normal person I added it to my ever growing list of "LIPSTICKS I MUST OWN OR MY LIFE WILL BE INCOMPLETE ".  

In the tube Plum 609 is a plum red with brown undertones and swatched it is a semi opaque wash of glossy color . I found it quite unique in the endless sea of vampy lip colors that seem to have taken over the market    and what sets it truly apart  is the formula . The Rouge d' Armani's are quite underrated in the beauty community but it is an absolutely flawless formula . The lipsticks are opaque without being cakey , glossy without being slippery, long wearing without being drying and the range has a quite a large shade selection . Think mac luster finish but with the  opacity of an amplified  cream finish . 

Its so modern and sophisticated on the lips right? There is a fine line between a vampy lip  and a goth inspired lip . I feel GA 609 is right in the middle of the two genres . On the lips it is quite glossy and hydrating  . I was able to wear it for four hours without reapplying and I am happy to report it did not feather or bleed into my lip lines . Jessica mentioned that she found it hard to apply evenly and I do agree with her . I found that you almost have to layer this on .So, I started it a thin layer all over my lips and gently pat the color on for a more full on even effect . 

Overall, I have never been disappointed with a Rouge d Armani purchase and 609 is no exception . The formula is exceptional and the color is so on trend for this season . So, what are you waiting for ?

Price ? $30.00
Limited edition ? No.
Where did I purchase ? GA counter 

*all items mentioned were purchased by me .


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Giorgio Armani 'Maestro' Fusion Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in Shade 2.

This the first Giorgio Armani foundation 

Swatch on left and blended out on right.

I usually avoid giving my opinions on foundation because I have extremely high expectations and I don't like having more then 2 foundations in rotation . With that being said , I have been suffering from extremely dry skin this winter so I wanted something light and hydrating . 

The following are a few of the aspects I consider when I buy a foundation : 
  • Light to medium coverage. 
  • Longevity .
  • How it applies on the skin ( I like the foundation to be easy to spread and cake face is a no no -_-).
  • Does it settle into pores or lines ?
  • Does it allow an even application of blush or bronzer ?
  • Does it oxidize ?
  • Does it transfer ?
  • Ingredients . 
  • How does it feel once it is applied ,when it sets and throughout the day ?
  • Packaging ( I admit it .... I like shiny things ! )
  • Price point .
Keeping all that in mind it must be pretty obvious why I was drawn immediately to the Giorgio Armani 'Maestro' Fusion Foundation . The company claims that this is oil pigment suspension made without a powder or water base . It is marketed  as a complexion perfector that acts as skincare and base for your makeup .Armani also claims that the foundation covers the skin with thin layers of pigment and it does not clog pores . It is important to note here that they also advice you to shake the bottle before application . 

So did it live up to the claims ? For the most part , yes ! It is a very thin formula that spread effortless on the skin and looks incredibly natural . It has light coverage but you can easy layer it to cover problem areas, has a  beautiful satin finish and is virtually undetectable on the skin .

The idea of rubbing a oil based product on the skin as a base definitely irked me . However , Armani Maestro does not feel oily or greasy and it almost feels like a dry oil on the skin . I feel that it  provided sufficient coverage for me , did not clog my pores , no signs of oxidation , color match was perfect and it felt weightless on the skin . I didn't have any transfer issues either and it allowed me to apply my blush and bronzer evenly . I love the packaging ! I mean who doesn't love the dropper in a sturdy glass bottle ? 

My only gripe with this foundation is that I felt like it didn't provide moisture to my skin . I assumed using a oil based foundation would equal moisture . Nope , my skin still felt slightly dry and dehydrated . It definitely didn't dry my skin out but it didn't help either . I think I might enjoy it more in the summer when my skin is more normal to oily . 

Overall , I can easily see women with mature skin absolutely loving this . I think it is definitely a revolutionary formula and very unusual texture but there is definitely some room for improvement . I will definitely be wearing this all summer long but for now I am still on the hunt for a moisturizing foundation . 

Price ? $ 62.00 for 1 oz.
Where did I purchase it ?

* all items mentioned were purchased by me for my own personal use . 

What is your favorite winter foundation ?