Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dolce and Gabbana The Eyeshadow Smooth Eye Colour Quad in 123 Desert .

Desert 123 quad is part of the 2012 Dolce & Gabbana Holiday Signature Animalier Collection. The Quad is also a part of the permanent range but packaged in the regular D&G eyeshadow case and $8 cheaper . I think the animal print packaging is cute but I probably would have bought the permanent range version if I had known of the price difference .

I was immediately drawn to the neutral shades ( surprised ? lol ) but it was the texture of the shadows that convinced me to purchase it ! The quad contains 3 matte shades and one shimmer shade . The matte shades are buttery smooth and have incredible pigmentation. The shimmer shade is also smooth , glides on the skin and doesn't accentuate any lines or wrinkles . 

Shade 1 : is a matte white .
Shade 2 : a sandy gold frost .
Shade 3 : matte camel brown .
Shade 4 : matte dark brown with a reddish base.

The texture of these shadows is most similar to the new Giorgio Armani quads but these are even  more pigmented . Dolce and Gabbana shadows blend together seamless and effortlessly . I barely had to do any blending to get a beautiful fade of color . 

Desert in particular will make a great everyday quad  . Everything you need for a polished look is in this little quad . I was able to do a beautiful day look using this palette and then amp it up for the evening easily without having to use an other shadows .I bought the bought the quad in cocoa as well and will be reviewing it shortly .

Overall , I highly recommend trying these shadows out . They have quite a few quads in their permanent range so there is something for everyone . D&G is now available on and is making its way to Sephora stores .

 Will you be purchasing it ? :)

Price ? $67.00
Where did I purchase it ? Saks


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