Sunday, January 6, 2013

Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Colour in Gilded Bronze , Gilded Rose Gold , Gilded Platinum and Gilded Moonlight.

Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Color is part of the Art Deco Muse Fall 2012 Collection . The Collection launched four new colors that are marketed to provided a glamorous striking effect on the eyes . I have always been a fan of Laura Mercier's makeup line because her products are simple , well priced and highly effective .

I was drawn to the incredible metallic quality of these shadows when I first saw them in store . All four have a buttery texture and are creamy to the touch . Illuminating Eye colors have a frost finish with small glitter particles running through them . This explains the slight grittiness in texture .

Gilded rosegold , Gilded bronze , Gilded platinum and Gilded moonlight.
Gilded rosegold , Gilded bronze , Gilded platinum and Gilded moonlight.

Gilded Rosegold :  coral pink frost .
Gilded Bronze : taupe grey with brown undertones .
Gilded Platinum : silvery platinum .
Gilded Moonlight : light yellow gold.

 These are definitely not for the faint of heart ! They are insanely metallic and have a beautiful reflective quality to them . I definitely do not recommend wearing all four of them together but paired with matte shadows they make a beautiful eye look . The colors are not very unique but they look incredibly beautiful on the skin . I found Gilded moonlight to be the most striking against my dark eyes . 

As far as wear time is concerned , I always wear primer under my eye shadows so I didn't have any problems with fading or creasing . Also I didn't experience any fall out during application and the shadows blend with other textures seamlessly . 

Overall , if you are in the market for striking , metallic and glamorous eye shadows then these are definitely for you ! But if you have mature or dry eye lids then I definitely do not recommend these to you .

Price ? $24.00 per shadow
Limited Edition ?Yes
Where did I purchase ?Nordstorm.

*all items mentioned were purchased by me .


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