Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lip of the day : Giorgio Armani Rouge d' Armani in 510 .

 Giorgio Armani Rouge d' Armani in 510

 Giorgio Armani Rouge d' Armani in 510

Hello my loves :)

I wanted to get back into posting daily swatches of lipsticks I am currently loving .Today I wore one of my favorite coral lipsticks !
510 is part of the GA Rouge d' Armani range . It is a creamy coral with strong pink undertones.  Like I have mentioned before , the Rouge d' Armani line is one of my favorite lipstick formulas and the color selection is mind blowing ! These lipsticks are opaque , glossy and long wearing .
I found 510 to be quite a soft and subtle way to wear a coral lip . Its definitely similar to Mac Ever Hip and Chanel chintz . However, the formula of 510 is far superior .

What is your favorite coral lip ? 

Price ? $30
Where did I purchase ? Nordstorm


  1. Pretty!! Your lips and the lipstick. Now that you ask, I don't think I have a coral lipstick. Orange, yes. Rosy pink yes. Peach yes. Hm, so it seems like I need one. Yay! And GA 501 is a great suggestion.

    1. Girl everyone needs a coral for the summer months !
      I think you will love 510 !
      thank you for the comment :)

  2. So pretty! I don't have 510. So many of these I need to get still. Like ALL of them. I always feel like I have way too many lipsticks for one person yet everyday I also still find myself wanting more. *sigh*

    1. lol girl I cant be moderate in my lipstick purchases . I can always justify a new lipstick lol
      Plus the rouge d armani is such a lovely formula , how can one say no ?