Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dior Pink Champagne Nude Shimmer Compact.

Dior Pink Champagne Nude Shimmer Compact. 

Dior Pink Champagne Nude Shimmer Compact. 

The Bronzer and Highlighter season has began peeps ! I try to buy one bronzer and highlighter for Summer each year  but this year I seem to have lost all forms of restraint . After the glorious Chanel Mouch De Beaute , I picked up the Dior Pink Champagne Nude Shimmer Compact . Yes , its just another champagne powder but the formula and effect on the skin convinced me to take this baby home . 

 I did not notice any fall out during application and the powder feels like its tightly packed but still incredibly soft to the touch . The texture is similar to the powder gelees but Pink Champagne is not metallic like them. On my skin it creates a stunning glow without looking glittery or metallic . I find this to be quite day time appropriate , mainly because it doesn't have a  shimmery  effect .As far as the wear time is concerned , it lasted 6 hours on my skin with minimal fading.

With all that being said , do you need this if you already own Dior Amber Diamond ? I don't think so but if Amber Diamond settles into your fine lines or is too glittery for you then look into Pink Champagne Nude Shimmer Compact .

Overall ,  a lovely addition to my highlighter collection . P,s, this is a Neimen Marcus exclusive and limited edition too so if you want it, HURRY !! 

Limited Edition ? Yes.
Price ?$44.00



  1. hmmm pretty. but i want kevyn aucoin whatever that highlight is called. AND i have amber diamond and haven't used it in ages SO i don't need this and now should use my amber diamond. lolol

    1. lol you should use it more
      its a lovely highlight ! I want that one too ... musssssssttttt resist lol