Thursday, May 9, 2013

Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire In Secret Affair.

Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire In Secret Affair.

Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire In Secret Affair.

 Edward Bess recently launched the Blush Extraordinaires and they are in every way , Extrarordinary ! I have fallen head over heels in love with this formula and I pretty much ordered Secret Affair and Bed of Roses after wearing Filled with desire for a couple of days ( the sephora 15% sale was an added incentive :P). (Filled with Desire review )

Secret Affair is described as a soft peach and in the pan its a true tangerine with a gold sheen . When I say sheen people , I mean a soft focus angelic glow on the skin and not Studio 54 on your face *shivers* !  Normally , I walk away from frosty blushes but Edward Bess always manages to draw me in with beautiful product formulations . I mean in all seriousness there are countless peachy pink blushes to choose from but the Secret Affair still manages to stand out !

Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire In Secret Affair.
The powder is incredible finely milled and feels like velvet . I was able to pick up the right amount of product for one cheek in just one blush swipe and the powder melted into my skin to give the most beautiful flush . The sheen is barely preceptable on my cheek but adds subtle luminosity without giving me the dreaded disco ball effect . As far as lasting power is concerned , Secret Affair lasted a good 6 hours and faded evenly .

Overall , the formula is exquisite and the Secret Affair is quite possibly one of  the best tangerine pink blush on the market . 
I hope Mr. Bess releases a few more colors in this line .

Price ?$43.00



  1. Wow best peach on the market??? It looks pinky in your it more peach in real life?

    1. ugh I meant to correct that last night
      it is definitely more tangerine with a pink base than peach bahh
      They described it as a soft peach and that kinda threw me off
      nonetheless I do thinks its probably the best peachy pink (nars orgasm type) blushes on the market .
      sorry for the confusion !

  2. it sounds so tempting... no EB counters in my town... but next time I find myself south of the border I think I'll stop by one :)