Sunday, May 26, 2013

MAC Temperature Rising Collection for Summer 2013

Mac has failed to impress me for lets say .. the last 3-4 years ?! I used to eagerly wait Mac collection launches but now I just randomly stumble upon new items when I visit my local counter . The temperature rising collection has gotten a lot of hype on the blogs and that is why I made a halfhearted drive to my nearest counters . I played with the products for a while and  ended up buying 4 items !!! * REJOICE* 

I bought : 
  • Bare My Soul quad . 
  • Liquid Passion lipglass .
  •  Rhythm lipglass 
  •  Feel My Pulse lipstick . 

Mac Bare My Soul Quad .
Mac Bare My Soul Quad .
Bare My soul consists of :

Bare my soul : A taupe with sandy gold undertones . The shadow is  very smooth and pigmented .

Romantico : A yellow gold with gold sparkle . It is a on the sheer side but can be packed on for fuller coverage .  

Friendly : A rich chocolate brown with a copper frost (Excellent pigmentation ! ) 

When in Rio : A rich chocolate with forest green frost .(Mac club on Steriods !! ) . 

The color combination is not unique but the quad has excellent color payoff and together the shadows make an amazing eye look . I can see myself using this for a quick day look or a full on sultry night look . 

If you missed out on this then try patina , goldmine , mulch and club together for a similar look . 

If you follow me on twitter ( Shameless plug ) then you have probably heard me complaining about Mac lipglasses . I HATE how they feel on my lips and they always dry them out . That being said the lip glasses in this collection are different ! They are alot thinner and oddly moisturizing too . I picked up liquid passion ( because I hoard nude lip products ) and Rhythm . 

Mac Liquid Passion Lipglass.

Mac Feel My Pulse lipstick and Rhythm Lipglass .

Mac Rhythm lipglass , Mac Rhythm + Feel My Pulse lipstick , Mac Feel My Pulse lipstick and Mac Liquid Passion .

Rhythm is a sheer magenta/purple with magenta shimmer .My swatch really doesn't do it any justice :( It is alot more shimmery IRL .

Feel My Pulse is a magenta/purple with a creemsheen formula . Its is nicely pigmented and makes a lovely statement lip . While I don't think its work place appropriate, but it does make an amazing statement lip.

Liquid Passion is a milky flesh toned lipglass .It is quite opaque and looks great paired with a bronzey eye look .

Overall , I don't think the collection is very unique but quality wise this is one of the best Mac collections in the past 3 years . I actually quite liked the bronze packaging and all the items are decently pigmented . 

Limited Edition ? Yes 



  1. Oh my! What a haul!

    I wanted bare my soul so bad but it was all sold out because I could act... Sad... Sad... This one shade looks so duo-chromish

  2. It is sooooo pretty but try patina , goldmine , mulch and club together . you should get a similar look :)

  3. makeupmagpieblogMay 26, 2013 at 4:44 PM

    Great swatches :) I called Macy's and put a Bare My Soul quad on hold - I hope they don't sell it before I pick it up tomorrow. I figured I probably have similar shades individually, but it would be so convenient to have them all in one quad. Enjoy your new items! :)

  4. I hope you get your hands on it .I love the quad so much !
    Thank you !
    Cant wait to see your post on it :)

  5. Yum!!! Magenta lippies!!! Very happy to hear MAC has redeemed itself!!! Perhaps you'll be keeping an eye on future collections?

  6. I may but its exhausting to keep track of weekly releases . I just cant lol
    But hey atleast the quality is going up ... for now haha

    Love magenta lippies !!!