Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tom Ford Beauty Eye Color Quad in Burnished Amber .

Tom Ford Beauty Eye Color Quad in Burnished Amber .

Tom Ford Beauty Eye Color Quad in Burnished Amber .
 I don't mean to bore you guys with yet ANOTHER review of a Tom Ford quad but I wanted to share my thoughts on red toned shadows and warm shades in general .

 Like most people with dark eyes I have always been told to wear bronze and purple shadows to make them "pop". While I like the look of warm brown and  molten bronze on my eyes ; I hate the way purple looks on me . Not only do I find mid tone and light purples unflattering but I also  feel like they make my eyes look red and tired  . Now that doesn't mean that I don't like purple as a color but in my humble opnion , jewel tone purples look better on me  as opposed to mufe 92 .

Before you start questioning my sanity ... please let me explain why.... ...

In direct sunlight you will notice that your eye color is not one solid shade and  is in fact a melange of different colors .My eyes naturally have a warm chestnut shade to them and when you place heavily blue toned purples or pastel hues near them,  it immediately clashes and looks unnatural.

Go ahead ... you can question my sanity now ! LOL

But in all seriousness when you add rich jewel tones and warm red shades to an already warm chestnut background they  melt into one another and the warmth makes your eyes look more radiant ! (p.s. it is important to line your eyes with black or brown liner to eliminate the possibility of looking sick .)

Tom Ford Beauty Eye Color Quad in Burnished Amber .
Burnished Amber  IMO is the stand out product from his entire line because of the shade selection and texture . The quad comes with a yellow toned gold , a pink based red , a maroon and a warm bronze . The combination of these shades paired with a matte brown is electric on brown eyes ! In fact , this will probably liven up any eye color ! I wore this out to a dinner party and so many people  told me that eyes looked like they were sparkling :). The rich shades looked exceptional with a bronzed cheek and a soft translucent pink lip .

The Shadow texture is slightly harder than Guerlain or Dior but the pigmentation is excellent and the lasting power is on par with most high end lines . I have been wearing it mixed with Guerlain's Les Fauves quad and the two together make the ultimate sultry eye look.

Whether you agree with my opinion or not ...*crickets* ... I still think you should give this quad a chance ... no seriously ...Do it !!!! 

Do you like red shadow ? Am I the only one who doesn't  like purple eyeshadow ?
Feel free to share your thoughts :)



  1. Ive never tried Tom Ford cosmetics but these colors are absolutely beautiful!

    Check out my beauty blog:

  2. This is such a beautiful palette!!! Unfortunately, it wasn't looking so god on me. It seems to really bring out any redness in my skin.

  3. bummer :( it is quite hit or miss for most ppl

  4. hey !
    You need to this baby a swatch :)
    I will definitely !

  5. convenientbeautyJune 16, 2013 at 9:53 PM

    It's a stunningly beautiful palette, no doubt. I don't wear this type of warm colors often so it's hard to justify for another $75 splurge. You're not alone in the purple department. Plum flatters me much better than purples. I can do lilac, although it's just OK. Violet is a big no no. For some reason, they make me look really dull and boring. I would love a snap shot of this quad on your eyes hon!!!

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  7. YES ! i am not alone lol lol

    I hate being told I need to wear more purple lol I look CRAZY in most of the color variations

    here you go :)