Monday, June 24, 2013

Mac All About Orange Collection .

Another Mac haul y'all ! A collection with peaches and corals and I am all over it . Plus , I had a lot of "Back 2 Mac" empties and this was the perfect time to get my hands on LE lipsticks for FREE !

I picked up 6 lipsticks and 2 Blushes .

Back Row : Tart &Trendy ,Razzledazzler and Sweet & Sour .
From Row : Tangerine Dream , Sushi Kiss and Flamingo . 

Mac Tart & Trendy Lipstick 
Tart & Trendy is a pastel milky coral with a hint of pink . I found this to be very brightening on my face without being over the top .

Mac Tangerine Dream Lipstick 
Tangerine Dream is the color of  a clementine with yellow undertones . This one is very hard to pull off and I basically look like I have Jaundice when I wear it  but it was too unique to pass up .

Mac Sweet &Sour Lipstick
Sweet and Sour is a pastel baby peach . It is a little too nude on me and I usually pair it with a brighter gloss or mix it with a brighter lipstick  .

Mac Sushi Kiss Lipstick .
Sushi Kiss is a true coral . The formula is very drying on the lips ( it is a satin finish)  , which is a shame because it is an absolutely beautiful color .

Mac Flamingo Lipstick 
Flamingo is a fresh pink with a slight coral lean . This lipstick looks different and flattering on everybody . A truly chameleon shade !

Mac Razzledazzler Lipstick.
Razzlerdazzler is a soft peach . This is probably the easiest to wear out of all the lipsticks in this collection but it's not very unique .

While I was swatching lipsticks at my local Mac Counter , I realized that Sunny Seoul is an EXACT dupe  for Flamingo lipstick ! So , there is no need to buy backups or pay insane Ebay prices :) Also , Peach Blosssom is similar but it has a bit of a beige lean . 

Mac Immortal Flower and Royal Sunset . 

Mac Immortal Flower and Royal Sunset .

Immortal Flower is a soft beige with peach undertones . I have to really pack this on for decent pigmentation on my cheeks .

Royal Sunset is a  brightened pink with peach undertones and a  beautiful pastel quality to it . LOVE  ! 

Overall ,I  liked everything I bought except  Immortal Flower .
Must haves :  Tart & Trendy , Sweet & Sour and Royal Sunset.



  1. These look great on you, but all of them were too chalky for me!

  2. I can totally understand . Mac lipsticks are definitely hard to work with

  3. You are so lucky you can pull off so many different colors!!! I try, but everything ends up looking too peachy reddish or like I have barbie lips or like my lips are dead. Oh, least I can live vicariously through your posts :-)

  4. ugh I is sorry :( but I understand . My skin is very neutral toned with redness so foundation match is soooooooooo hard ! bahh

    lol yay ! I am happy to help my lovely nap partner :))

  5. They look chalky to me and usually I don't have good luck with MAC anything. Your lips are sooo pretty!

  6. I completely understand . They are absolute murder on the lips too but hey ! I am on trend right ? lol
    your too kind