Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tag : What is my purse ?

I was tagged by the lovely Sara from Color Me Loud and Dr Ebru from . Two lovely ladies with excellent blogs !

So , are you ready for the most uneventful "What is my purse ?"  post EVER ? Well , here you go ..

Style wise I like very structured and classic looking pieces . I feel the DVF clucth is a classic black satin clutch with red lining on the inside and a gold lip design on the front to add a little pzazz . I have been attending quite a few work dinners these days and I feel like this bag is perfect for a casual lunch date and a formal work related event .

In all honesty ... IT HAS LIPS ON IT AAHHHHHH ! 

I only carry necessities in my bag and for me those are : my wallet , sanitary wipes and my makeup bag . My shades and first aid kit are always in my car . 

My palette is from forever21 and the makeup bag is a freebie from Sephora . 

In my makeup bag I usually carry sunscreen , my lip combo for the day , a mirror and a touch up compact .
These days I am using :

  • Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40 : This is a quick absorbing and light weight physical sunscreen . I use it to touch up during the day and it works perfectly on top of makeup . 
  • Dior Diorskin Nude Compact in Light Beige 20 : is a light weight and satin finish powder . Unfortunately , it clogged my pores and I will be returning it :((
  • Lip Combo : By Terry 102 and Ysl Rouge Volupte in 01 . BT 102 is a caramel nude and ysl 01 is a creamy light pink . Both of them are beautiful on their own but together they are absolutely STUNNING !  
I have pictures of the lip combo here and here .

And thats it ! Pretty simple right ? ;D 

I hope this was interesting and I tag all of you too do this post ! 

Let me know if you have any questions ;)



  1. convenientbeautyJuly 28, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    Cute bag!!! I'm learning to downsize my bag :D Feel insecure without all the craps I carry around. I did slim down my wallet though hehe

  2. hhaha I used to carry eveything with me too but I am so busy with work these days that I jut carry essentials ;D

  3. I love love love your bag! So fitting! Thanks so much for not forgetting the tag and doing it :-** Love the post. I was just expecting a deep red lippie in there, *opens the purse and looks once more* are you sure you don't have it? ;-)

  4. lol lol I am so horrible .. I took forever to do this
    haha this is work bag and I work with cranky old men .. no red lips for me :(

  5. Ok, seeing your post has inspired me to try to put less junk in my purse!!! At least I hope...I'm gonna try...I think... LOL!! Absolutely love your's so flippin' cute!!

  6. lol lol I used to carry a HUGE bag full of crap but I cleaned it out and bought a small bag so that I can actually enjoy carrying it and stop getting shoulder pains lol
    thank you ! I love it too , its so me ;D

  7. EEE THAT CLUTCH!!! I've been wanting one for so long, but the truth is I carry way more around than what can possibly fit in it! The lip combo is amazing! I seldom layer because I'm lazy, but I do really enjoy the idea of customizing your own shade!

  8. I also never seem to have too much in my purse! I've been wanting to do a what's in my bag for ages, but I don't think it would really compare to most of the posts and videos I've seen. lol.

  9. LOL, I can totally understand this, the same here... Too many men, no bright lips *sighs*.

  10. oh please do one ! id love to see it ;D

  11. isnt it cute ? i died when I first saw it ;D
    oh I bought the BT lippie sight unseen and wanted to make it work , so glad I found a way to because poop brown is so not my color haha

  12. :( I know right ! stupid OLD men hmph

  13. Joyce (bronzer bunny)August 5, 2013 at 10:22 PM

    i don't carry like anything around, unless i'm gonna be at work or out all day. otherwise, just my alexander wang wallet wristlet thingy which i might add a lip balm to. and my phone and whatever keys lol

  14. hahah I love it ! I love keeping it simple ;D