Monday, October 28, 2013

Mauvey Nights with Bobbi Brown .

Bobbi Brown is not exactly a brand I look to for products . I own a few matte shadows from her line and that's about it  . In my opinion the foundations are too yellow , the blushes and lipsticks are nothing special . Also , her  palettes are always too sheer and they all look the same to me :/.

That being said , I was recently at the Guerlain counter getting a facial with the Orchidee Imperial line and I mentioned to the SA that I wasn't a fan of the BB line . The BB counter manger overhead us and asked me to stop by once I was done with my facial lol . Needless to say I was a little  hesitant approaching her but I also wanted to hear what she had to say *the troll in me couldn't resist lol *

I probably spent 2-3 hours at the counter playing with products and I can honestly say the look she created for me was absolutely beautiful ! This was one of the best make overs I have ever had . I walked away from the counter with a new friend , a new look and a bag of products to play with :) 

She insisted on doing a pinky/mauvey /plum look on me which I is completely out of my comfort zone . I like warm browns and reddish tones on myself personally but I was pleasantly surprised by her color choices for me . 

Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum shadow and Velvet Plum longwear Cream Shadow . 

Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum longwear cream shaow swatch , Velvet Plum shadow and both of the products layered . 

She started with applying a layer of Velvet Plum long wear cream shadow on my lids and then topped it off with velvet plum powder shadow . We used a little bit of an eye shadow in Taupe to diffuse the color . I love love love this combination ! The cream version is a little warmer than the powder and both of them are decently pigmented .  They lasted 7 hours on my oily eye lids with no primer .

Bobbi Brown Mauve Shimmer Ink

Then we took the gel liner in Mauve Shimmer Ink and lined my lid and the lower water line . The line was diffused with a smudge brush to give a soft smokey effect . We finished the eyes with two coats of Party Mascara . I like the look of the liner with the look but the formula is nothing special . I prefer the LM gel liner to the BB ones . 

Bobbi Brown Sand Pink Blush 

On my cheek she used a little bit of Blush in Sand Pink and blended it out towards the hair line . I absolutely love this color on me ! Surprisingly , I do not have a mauvey pink blush in my collection and this is just perfection .

Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve Cream lip color  and True Pink creamy matte lip color , BB true pink creamy matte  and BB pale mauve creamy lip color.

Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve Cream lip color  and True Pink creamy matte lip color

Last but not the least , the Lips ! We used a light layer of True Pink Creamy Matte Lipcolor and then topped it off with a a 2 coats of Pale Mauve Creamy Lip color . The Creamy Matte lip colors are very pigmented and creamy so I recommend patting them on the lips and them pressing the colors into the lips with your finger . The Creamy Lip color is very sheer and hydrating and reminded me of the Dior Addicts . This lip combination last 6 hours on me and faded beautifully ; leaving a soft pink color on my lips . 

I couldn't find a match in the line so we skipped on foundation .Thankfully it was good skin day and I was able to get away with it .

Overall , I have worn this look almost 8 times in the past month and that's alot for someone like me who has so much makeup .The eye shadow combination is perfect on my almost black eyes . My coworkers said that it made my eyes glow ! The blush and lip combination are the perfect ccompliment to it .

 Does this mean that I am a BB girl now ? Not by any means but I do like the products I bought and I can definitely wholeheartedly recommend these . I did go back to the counter to have a look but sadly nothing really spoke to me like these products did . I own a 6 pan palette from the line and that's probably going to be it for me :).

Would you like to see swatches of my custom BB palette ?



  1. Whee I'm glad you discovered BB! I wouldn't call it my favorite, but it has great stuff indeed! Isn't it great when a pro puts together a look for you that you can do on your own? Annnd yes, show your custom BB palette!

  2. These two shadows layer so beautifully together and creme base for powder shadow wear really long. I also love the lipstick, but I love every lippie in your lips, so it is not an exception ;-)
    I would live you see the swatches of your BB palette!

  3. lol ur so sweet :) those shades wiould lovely on ur eyeballs too *stalker* hehe
    I will definitely swatch my palette :)

  4. this is really a testament to a good Makeup artist . She really took it as a challenge and understood my opinion instead of dismissing it :)
    I love it ! I love wearing all these together
    ok I will definitely post swatches !

  5. Bobbi Brown really started my love affair with makeup. I love the cream shadows and that iconic gel liner really was amazing.

    Your lips look amazing! and I love seeing Sand Pink. That color looks so beautiful.
    More swatches! More swatches!

  6. thank you mama belly ! I was more of a LM and Nars girl when I started
    I will definitely post more swatches

  7. yes, please…I'd like to see swatches of your 6 pan palette!!! I had some bb shadows before and didn't care for them. Then I got the famed bright pink blush - forgot what it's called? - and didn't like that either. I do like the shadow stick very much though…bought it after seeing Lisa E's smokey brown eye tutorial!!! Beautiful colors and so happy you are loving the look so much :-)