Sunday, November 17, 2013

Addiction Ready To Wear Eye Palette 05 Departure .

Addiction Ready To Wear Eye Palette 05 Departure . 
I have been pretty much avoiding all the new collections these days . While the Armani fall and By Terry Fall collections were nice ; in all honesty nothing really has felt like a necessity . That being said , Addiction Departure quad has completely dazzled me ! I seriously cannot get enough of this palette . Lets have a look at this baby before I start babbling about my love for it .

see how the sparklies come alive when the light hits it ! 

glow in the dark sparklies GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!

LOOK AT IT !! Addcition Departure quad .
Shade 1 : is a molten golden khaki brown with multidimensional shimmer . It is very creamy to the touch . 
Shade 2 : is a silvery lavender glitter top coat . The texture is a little crumbly so be sure to gently pat this in or use light sweeping motions to blend it out . 
Shade 3 : is a burgundy plum with purple and lavender shimmer . Extremely creamy to the touch . 
Shade 4 : is a greyed lavender with tiny lavender sparkles . This is a a satin finish and makes an excellent bending shade . 

Normally , I write down a little paragraph about how I wear a certain palette and the shadow placement but I decided to post an eye look featuring Departure . Mainly because I really want to show you guys how beautiful this looks on the eyes and I wanted to catch the sparklies in action ! 

yup I totally forgot to wear fdtn :(

allergies suck and my eyes refused to cooperate .

Breakdown of the look :
  • I put down a thin layer of Mac Artifact on the lid and then blended out the edges with shade 4 . 
  • I placed the shade 1 on the inner half of the lid . 
  • Then placed shade 3 on the outer half of the lid and gently blended the center of the lid with light seeping motions . 
  • Now take a pencil brush and place shade 2 in the crease from the inner to outer corner of the eye .
Notice how I didn't get any fall out and barely spent any time blending #winning

Overall , I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PALETTE ! If this was LE people ? Trust and believe I would have been on the hunt for a back up lol . 

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Suqqu Bright Up Lipstick in 01 .

Suqqu Bright Up Lipstick in 01 . 

I was quite late to the Suqqu lipstick game but was lucky enough to get the two beautiful reds they made in the Creamy Glow range . The new Bright Ups are supposed to be a more pigmented version of their predecessor .
Suqqu Bright Up Lipstick in 01 . 

01 looks like a mauve pink in the tube but on my lips , it is a beautiful soft baby pink . Now this is how you do baby pinks people ( I am looking at you Mac and Ysl ! ) . I love how creamy and opaque it looks on my lips - LOVE ! Most light pinks have way too much white or blue and end up giving you the cough *pornstar* cough look  :) . 01 makes a brightening and fresh looking lip on its own and beautifully compliments a dark smokey look as well . I have been wearing it with Illmasqua Katie on my cheeks and a heavy cat eye liner and it makes quite an interesting look . 

Wear time was between 3-4 hours and I am happy to report  that I didn't get the dreaded white line *gross* as it faded through out the day . 

So what makes this worth 27 Gdp ? In all honesty , nothing compares to how these feel on the lips . Yes, not even my beloved BT come close  . If a hydrating lip balm and Ysl Rouge voluptes had a baby then these are it ! They are supremely hydrating and insanely pigmented . They have the slip and feel of the Ysl but they last for much longer and feel a 1000 times more luxurious . 

Overall , I cannot wait for new brighter colors !