Monday, September 9, 2013

Love it Or Toss it !

I am back !!!

Joyce from BronzerBunny asked me and the lovely Belly head from Wondegondigo to join her in a another edition of LOVE IT OR TOSS IT ! *muhahaha*

You can check out their posts here : BronzerBunny and here : Bellyhead.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to do some final testing on a few makeup products  and give you guys short reviews on each of them . I should forewarn you though ... some of these reviews will not be "nice" but they are honest . Also , this is purely my experience with them and your's may be different .

1. Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Sanctuary Time Defying Foundation in Linen. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Sanctuary Time Defying Foundation in Linen

I actually bought this bottle back when it was first released in December and in all honesty I it really didn't like it on my dry winter skin but I decided to hold on it and give it another shot in the Summer months .

Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Sanctuary Time Defying Foundation in Linen

Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Sanctuary Time Defying Foundation in Linen

If you are familiar with Rouge Bunny Rouge then you know the packaging almost never disappoints . The Skin Sanctuary Time Defying foundation is housed in a beautiful glass bottle with a pump . The bottle is hefty and looks quite luxe inside its black casing .

Texture wise the foundation is a thick cream that spreads out with little to no effort on the skin and gives a satin finish . Upon initial application , I noticed that my skin looked slightly flat but after a few minutes the foundation seems to warm up and look more natural . Sounds perfect for Summer right ? umm...

This foundation has absolutely no lasting power whatsoever ( ouch! ) .It lasts two hours  in the Summer and 4 hours  in the Winter ! I have normal to combo skin in the Summer and very dry skin the Winter . Most foundations last at least 6-7 hours on my skin but this foundation just slides off my face :( . Normally ,I would immediately toss a foundation with such poor performance but because it is RBR and I absolutely love the company and what that they represent, I spent ALOT of time testing this foundation with different moisturizers and primers . I tested this  foundation with the Hourglass primer , RBR primer ,with setting powder , on top of bare skin and on top moisturized skin and the results were sadly the same . This just doesn't last on me .. sigh

It is now sitting in my blog sale pile :(

2&3 ) Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in 2 and Marc Jacobs Beauty Lovemarc  Lip Gel in 104 Dizzy Spell 

Lets first discuss the Marc Jacobs lipstick In Dizzy Spell .

Dizzy Spell is sheer peachy pink with a jelly finish and looks absolutely beautiful on the lips  . When I first saw the word " gel " in the lipstick name , I knew that it will be drying and I was right . The lipstick has a glossy finish much like the Dior Addicts but unlike them , the MJ Lipsticks do not camouflage dry lips .The lipstick seems to amplify dryness on the lips and makes my them peel  . My lips were left feeling extremely dehydrated when it wore off . The lasting power is between 1-2 hours but reapplication is a nightmare ! My lips were peeling so badly that I had to slather on a layer of Nuxe lipbalm and exfoliate off the dry bits with a cotton bud . 

Bummer ! 

Lets have a look at the HG Nude lip Stylo now ....

The Nude Stylo range is being touted as every nude lip lovers dream collection ! The line consists of of 6 nudes shades that have an opaque satin finish with a slight sheen . I picked up number 2 which is a peachy beige, which looks beautiful with a bronze look . The lipstick stylo's have a decent amount of pigmentation and dry down to a true satin finish on the lips . I really enjoyed the color on its on but I feel like its a little too flat for a pale nude . My lips looked like I had concealer on them and as the as the color was wearing off , I noticed the dreaded white line on my lips *gross * .The wear time was between 3-4 hours and the formula was comfortable to wear but the way this wears off is something I cannot ignore .

It seems quite obvious that I would toss both of these right ? sort of ...

I decided to layer these two on top of each other and viola !

The combination of the two together makes a beautiful pinky peach  lip which is opaque but still has a slight glossiness to it . The HG lips stylo gives the MJ lipstick a base to stick to and prolongs it wear time .Now , is it a hydrating lip combo ? Not by any means but its comfortable and I didn't notice any peeling . Even though I love the combination of these two together, their individual and combined formulas are not worth it to me . I am going to return these and buy myself a By Terry. Armani or Cdp lipstick instead.

Overall , 

RBR foundation ? Toss it !
HG lip stylo ? Toss it !
MJ lipstick ? Toss it !

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